English vs sundanese

1. Spending a lot of time with doing nothing: NGAJEDOG.
2. Talk too much about unimportant things : NGACAPRUK.
3. Fall backward and then hit own head : NGAJENGKANG,
4. Falling forward and may hit own face : TIKUSRUK.
5. A small sharp thing, embedded inside one finger’s skin: KASURA.
6. Have much less knowledge : BELEGUG.
7. A little chair made from woods : JOJODOG.
8. People who always annoy other people: Si KEHED.
9. Man or woman who has an ugly face: GORENG PATUT.
10. Just take rest but didn’t sleep : GOGOLERAN.
11. Meals made from rice which is covering by banana leaf and have much of surprise inside : LEUPEUT.
12. The situation when your brain need more oxygen : HEUAY.
13. People who have attitude more mature than her age : KOKOLOT BEGOG.
14. A Type of People Who Have a Long Chin : CAMEUH.
15. A little something disgusting in your eyes : CILEUH.
16. That moment when you walking after the rain and mud is on your shoes: JEBLOG. .
17 People who’s talking him self with unhappy face: KUKULUTUS.
18. People who doesn’t know anything but feel so good: CILEUPEUNG.
Good morning ka sadayana….. Semangat pagiiii…..


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